Artane Beaumont Football Club

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Club News 2017


Second registration dates are Saturday 29th of April 9am to 11am and Sunday 30th April 9am to 11am Artane Beaumont Clubhouse.

The third date will be the end of May, actual dates to de decided later.

KO dates for NDSL are the 11th and 12 of March.


U8 and U9 are €150

U10, U11 and U12 are €170

U13 to U18 are €190

Full amounts will be accepted in February.

If paying in 3 stages for U8 and U9 first payment is €50 and other teams are €70.

Deposits must be paid on the February dates above, otherwise the player's ID card will be taken by the committee.

Thank you.

Executive Committee